BBBbird,bird, bird…is this a Disney movie?

Last Thursday, on our morning constitutional, Hope the Pomeranian and I heard an unusual bird call.  I notice birds. 

Delicate freedom.  Feathers.

“Fly away, fly away!” said Opie to the dead bird.  Big oops, Op. (Opie the Birdman Episode of the Andy Griffith Show)

The call was loud.  “That’s not a wild bird from around here” I told Hope.  Then, a white bird flew from the treetop to the parking lot gravel.  I watched as two cars passed the bird and it did not shy like a wild bird would.  I had to do something or it would get run over.  I picked up my little dog, crossed the street toward the bird.  I squatted near it and held out my hand.  It pecked a little, then hopped on my finger.  As I stood I thought, “Well, now what?” 

I walked toward home.  The bird stayed put on my hand.  It was amazing!

This is someone’s pet.  What do I do?

On my porch is the trap I use for TNR (trap neuter release) of feral cats, the only “cage” I have, so, in ya go bird.

I called my vet who gave me the number for a wildlife rescue organization who gave me the number for a local companion bird rescue.  “Can you bring it to us or do we need to arrange a pick up?”  Such welcome words!  She texted me the address.  Off we go!  What a friggin’ miracle! . 

Is this a Disney movie???  Where’s the camera, oh, yeah, everywhere.

After a good long drive, we arrived at the sanctuary.  A bird cage was ready.

A bit of conversation with a like-minded masked lady and I left with my empty cat trap and promises to keep in touch.

What just happened???  Isn’t life amazing?


UPDATE: After food, a good night’s sleep, and some antibiotics, Coco is doing very well.

PS: I am planning a fundraiser for the sanctuary,  STAY TUNED!

for your enjoyment…BBBbird,bird,bird…


Again and always …

Thank you for being. 



3 thoughts on “BBBbird,bird, bird…is this a Disney movie?”

  1. Little miracles everywhere. You saved kittens from living a feral life and now you saved Coco’s life. Thank you.

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