I am a quilt maker.
My current focus is on making custom T-shirt quilts for other people using their shirts that have meaning to them. First of all, I believe in making art that has multiple functions and is useful. In making T-shirt quilts, the shirts are repurposed into a beautiful piece of art that has a new function as a memory quilt.

The name of my company was inspired by the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency novels of Alexander McCall Smith. The furniture store in the books is named Double Comfort Furniture. A little different than the meaning used to indicate very comfortable furniture, the meaning of my company name is that the shirts bring comfort in the wearing and then as a quilt, the comfort is doubled!

I live in San Antonio, Texas and am a member of the San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild. Shout out to all my fellow “Hot Tamales”! I have been making quilts since the 1980’s for friends and family. Since quilt making as a business is a new adventure, I appreciate your participation. Welcome aboard!

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In spite of caring for feral kittens and getting the mama spayed, I managed to get one drawing done! Miracle. Hooray! ...

So, I have been busy. A neighbor and I have been keeping an eye on a feral cat we thought must have kittens. Taadaa! Found this morning. They are gentle. The mom went in to the trap. I work with the SA Feral Cat Coalition and maintain a colony. Tomorrow we will visit the Animal Defense League and hope to be one of the first 10 in line for spaying the mom. She is skinny. A new life awaits. Who needs a kitten??? Thanks to Karen for all the advice and the cat milk from HEB. Who knew? ...

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