What’s Your Story?

Everybody has a story …or two. IMHO, it’s the listening part of storytelling  that is the most healing. Being heard is what we all require. We can say, “Yes, you are beside me and I hear you.” I first became aware of this in a conscious way just before my...

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Losing Friends

It seems that many of my human friends are losing their four-legged friends lately. In addition to puppy and dog portraits, I am doing memorial images. We are so grateful for their unconditional love and miss it so. The portraits are started by studying photographs of...

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Striped Pajamas

The excuse for last week’s non post, as excuses go, merits little explanation.  For my birthday last weekend, among all the many kindnesses, someone gave me a cold.  On we go… Striped Pajamas.  It’s not about the children’s song I learned from Captain Kangaroo about...

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The Calico Dog, My Rebellious Entry into Sewing

Sixth grade.  I found the pattern in Mom’s woman’s magazine. I don’t now where I got the fabric; it wasn’t really calico, but definitely not gingham.  So, though the poem talks of a gingham dog and calico cat, I made a calico dog. Rebellious start to finish!  The...

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Marie Kondo, Filing, Letting Go, and Dust Bunnies

I love Marie Kondo. However… I have never seen her try to tidy an artist’s studio.  My entire home is a studio.  This week, overwhelmed with file boxes, crates and stacks of papers that trip up the simplest of movements and bruise shins, I bought two (more) file...

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Consider it a double blessing when you make a gift with your own hands. The act of making for a particular person is a gift to the maker as well as the recipient.  The outcome or “product” is one of a kind, unique, thoughtful, and rare. The connection between you and...

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