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T-Shirt Quilts

Custom made, one of a kind; made from your t-shirts with special memories.

Improvisational Quilts

No pattern. Plans that change. Challenges in design and craftsmanship. Imperfection.

Pets & Portraits

Thread paintings of your precious companions. Making faces with appliqué.

Sewing In Public (SIP)

Craftivism outreach.  I take my machine out of the studio and talk to you.


Gifts for any season. 

Currently available at Mockingbird Handprints and Sloan Hall.

Special commissions available on request.


Narrative images to develop illustration skills.

TShirt quilt. Starting the binding. 96x105 inches double sided. ...

Sewing sewing sewing! This quilt is looking at 8 feet wide and at least 8 feet tall. Lots of ladder climbing. ...

A collection of shirts from childhood to young adult makes for a variety of widths to consider in the design process. Each T-shirt quilt is a puzzle. ...

18 hours in and I have the t-shirts cut and faced. Now the design process begins! ...

Kittens with eyeliner. ...

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