Me & Sandy at BookPeople


Smiles and laughter confirm joy!

Last evening in Austin, TX, I met Alexander McCall Smith.  (Thank you BookPeople) His little stories have been to me strong proof that there is good in the world and that the mixture human individuality and relationships, if looked at a certain way, most certainly brings laughter.  It was joy to hear his stories his own voice and to hear him laugh.

The photo here shows him receiving the mug rug (a quilter’s term for an “artful” coaster for a coffee or tea mug) that I made for him in appreciation for his stories, one of which is the inspiration for my T-shirt quilt company name Double Comfort Studios. Please read  “No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency”.  The mug rug is made of t-shirt scraps, just like my quilts.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now, carry on!