So, What Happened at the Soiree???

Third in a series of quarterly gatherings based on being together.

It didn’t rain, yay!  I figured out too late that when you put an event on FB, you have to “invite” people.  I laugh at myself.  Is there, please, a child that can lead me?  A few people came by word of mouth and email.  Thank you, pilgrims.  Two previous quilts were viewed and their stories told, six big flower patches were made, several poems read, artwork talked about and admired, stories told, good food eaten and I did a bit of sewing outside.

These soirees remind me of the nights Mom and Dad would lay the blankets out in the yard and we would watch the stars.  I was always terrified that a frog would jump on me so stayed near the middle of the blanket. My allergies just might calm, the sweet sounds of crickets and neighborhood dogs, soft talking with oohs and aahs heard, falling stars and constellations recognized and the amazing experience of looking out at the universe and feeling very small and safe and happy.  One of those times where you might not have wanted to go out, but so glad you did.  Good people.  Thank you.

It is so interesting to be alive.