In the spirit of recycling, I have partnered with the fashion shop Niche at Pearl in San Antonio and received the first installment of fabric scraps and off-cuts that were headed for the trash bin. The dynamic black and white print was to be made into masks at the height of COVID. I am combining these rectangles with other scraps to make lap-size quilts. The sashing between the blocks is a tiny stripe but reads as solid from a distance to help calm and balance the print. The square accents are solid color. What will go on the back is not yet determined. What do you think? Shiny or soft backing??? They measure about 50 inches square. Isn’t it interesting the way our eyes join lines across the divisions?

I learned about “cabbage” from a British podcast that I follow called Haptic and Hue. A link to the episode is below. Cabbage was one word used for the bits of fabric that gather on the floor or in the bin when garments are cut out. Other similar words include mungo, and shoddy. English is the weirdest language. The podcast is listener supported and you can help by buying Jo Andrews a coffee or becoming a Friend of the podcast.

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