My DogDaysOfSummer challenge is one quarter accomplished and the ship is still set at full steam ahead. 

The DDOS are indeed getting warmer, a lunar eclipse is in process this week causing all kinds of interesting situations, and I am happy to have made 25 dog (and cat) portraits on the way to 100. 

What I have discovered is that there is a sewing speed that is too slow to make lovely lines and a speed too fast to control.  Like Goldilocks, I must find “just right” as I sit down to the table.

Also, the process requires being present and awake.  I cannot wander off somewhere in my mind and expect to get the desired result.  Essentially, I am staring at one spot, where the needle enters the fabric, which can get kinda stiff while my hands must remember how to move the cloth to get the desired line.  It is the opposite of drawing with a pencil where I make an up motion to make an upward line.  To sew a line going “up”, I must pull the fabric toward me or “down.”  Sometimes I get mixed up.  My eyes fuzz over and let’s say “interesting accidents” can and do happen.  More coffee please and remember to breathe!

A nice thing about a 100 day challenge is that each day is an experiment. There is no expectation of a masterpiece.  I learn something every day.  Often, I am most pleased that I have kept my promise and taken action.

The next step in this challenge process is to offer the pictures for sale.  If there is an image that you would like, please email me to work out the details.  The cost is $59 which includes sales tax and shipping.  Each portrait is approximately 6 inches square on raw edged white cotton, faced on the back with a thin white cotton gauze and gently mounted on white card stock and inserted in a cellophane sleeve. Sales will be first come, first served.

I do hope to be hearing from you.

Thank you for following!