When Daylight Savings Time ends, life at my rhythm begins.  I send you joy this day dear friends.  Today, we (the cats and I) change all the clocks.  The clocks are old, so not satellite connected. We finished at about 4 pm Central Standard Time. 

Many clocks here!

Then, I warped an inkle loom in preparation for next Saturday’s weaving class. I will iron 2 quilts and remeasure the backing before arranging to deliver them to Joanna for quilting.

Lastly, I will get out the floss and scraps to work on the fabric book in memory of my precious Pomeranian, Hope, who passed on to Dog Heaven last April. Dog Heaven is a much fuzzier place now.  

On Thursday, for the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead, a friend and I  burnt copal resin and made tiny altars of remembrance for our faithful friends.  Her dear cat Popie, passed recently.  We made a sweet celebration for their sweet lives that so enriched ours.

The holidays are approaching.  Get ready!

Blessings to you all, my friends,