I love Marie Kondo.


I have never seen her try to tidy an artist’s studio.  My entire home is a studio.  This week, overwhelmed with file boxes, crates and stacks of papers that trip up the simplest of movements and bruise shins, I bought two (more) file cabinets.  Each project has its own container.  When the project is finished, then what?  Keep or toss?

My single walk-in closet is impossible to walk in.  Do I need all this?  Does it bring me joy?  Well, no, but it is a place outside my brain to store information I (might) need so my brain can do other things.  Kinda like some people have a Cleaner to help maintain the dust bunnies and dishes and ironing (not me) so they can do other, bigger, more important work like helping humanity or animals or trees or the ozone. 

Thank goodness for them!

Ok, so now the antique desk from my great grandmother all the way from Scotland, that had been piled  high with files, has to move from the “office” (dining room) so I can install the new file cabinet.  Where to put her?  I shoved her into the bedroom which then required a new arrangement, disruption of angry dust bunnies, and new holes in the walls to rehang the paintings.  Maybe I should just install pegboard.

Now, to set about organizing the papers.  Do I really need the unemployment paperwork from 2012?  What if “they” call and want me to pay it back?  What about the job applications if I did not get the job?  or did get the job?  Usually not good memories.  Good bye.

How do you sort when you do not know the future?  I really hate surprises and want to always be prepared.  My brain cannot remember the minutiae.  So, must I be burdened with paperwork in case of the “what if’s”?  Is there a statute of limitations?

Life can change in an instant. All of it is unknown, though sometimes guesses are correct.  If only, like a plant whose leaves die and can be plucked off, I could know what to toss.  New growth is obvious.  It is green.  The rest is mulch.

Does it bring me joy?  That is the direction I must go.  Toward joy.  Mulch the rest.

Then, there’s the fabric…

Again and always …

Thank you for being. 

Thank you for purchasing my art and/or giving me venues.

You are my POTA (Patrons Of The Arts).

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