So, I missed writing last week.

It is really hard to know what day it is.

I lost track.

This week I have been making masks for family members in the medical field.

It took a lot of research to find what might be an effective mask.

Viruses are so small they can wiggle through woven fabric.

There can be no gaps around the edge of the mask.

Still, the person has to breathe.

Friday, I mailed out the first prototype to my niece in Houston.

Tomorrow I will mail out 3 more packages to other family members.

I set up postage to print at home and drop in the box without entering the post office.

Isn’t that strange?

The effective masks are not so easy to sew.

They look like a dome and the curve is tricky.

I used 2 layers of cotton and 2 layers of non woven interfacing, made a metal piece that can bend around the nose and ties so they can be drawn securely around the face.

Is this enough protection?

For the outer layer of cotton I used quilting cottons.

Some are bright.  Is this appropriate?

Some are subtle.  Is this too sad?

Well, I do not know.

Maybe it doesn’t matter if it saves a life.

I hope you all are safe in your homes.

We are all learning a new way to be.

Prayers for those who are ill and prayers for those who are not.

We are in this together.

Again and always …

Thank you for being.