Here we are, somewhere in the future… already.

The world as we knew it has morphed.

Where two or three are gathered together…is not recommended.

Wash your hands for 20-30 seconds with SOAP.  Better than antibacterial sanitizer which must be 60% alcohol, read the label.

Here in San Antonio people are stocking up on toilet paper. Hmmm…

We witness history. It is no ordinary day.

Almost everything I do involves other people.

Almost everything has been canceled or postponed.

Be still.  Be quiet.  This too shall pass.

Interesting, huh?

Again and always …

Thank you for being. 

Thank you for purchasing my art and/or giving me venues.

You are my POTA (Patrons Of The Arts).

Almost all of the work posted is for sale.

Please email me if interested in making a purchase.


NOTE: The Maker Faire at the Central Library in San Antoniohas been changed to September 26th.