This slowing down, changing the way we interact with the world,

with each other.  We are all thinking about it.

Are you getting things done at home that have been waiting for your attention?

Pile of ironing…done.

Papers to file…done.

Clean the closets…done.

Read that book?

Write that letter?

Make that call?

The dog needs a bath.

I’ve read all kinds of suggestions and advice on how to use this time.

I don’t understand needing any suggestions.

There are enough ideas in my head to take several lifetimes.

But, it might help somebody else.

Good, then.  Go.  Get to it.

I hope that this time of transition is a good time for you.

Forced change is sometimes the only way we can see something that might be better.

It is scary.  We don’t know the future.  We never really did.

I’m still making masks. 

The photo is my sewing machine cover and my Spring mask.

A new fashion statement.

Profuse thanks to all the medical people, grocery people, delivery people.

The rest of us non-essential people are very grateful.

Prayers for those who are ill and prayers for those who are not.

We are in this together.

Again and always …

Thank you for being.