Everybody has a story …or two.

IMHO, it’s the listening part of storytelling  that is the most healing.

Being heard is what we all require.

We can say, “Yes, you are beside me and I hear you.”

I first became aware of this in a conscious way just before my life-changing trip to the Republic of South Africa over 10 years ago.  Always the overachiever, I read Mandela’s book “Long Walk to Freedom” which told the particulars of the politics and characters and sequence of events.  This helped immensely when visiting sites such as the spot where he was arrested and Robbin island.  I also read “Kaffir Boy” by Mark Mathabane to learn a perspective of the original African people during apartheid.  But, the book that gave me a deep understanding of the human story playing out in South Africa was Desmond Tutu’s “ No Future Without Forgiveness”. 

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission designed a path to healing.

To tell your story with someone listening without judgement is a most powerful gift that we can give each other. 

All sides of every story.  The picture is multi dimensional.

Next month, on March 21st, I will be at the Maker Faire at the Central Library in San Antonio.  I will be “Sewing In Public” a new community quilt made from scraps and strips.  Stop by and tell me your story and pull a scrap from the bag to add to the quilt.  I look forward to seeing you!


Again and always …

Thank you for being. 

Thank you for purchasing my art and/or giving me venues.

You are my POTA (Patrons Of The Arts).

Almost all of the work posted is for sale.

Please email me if interested in making a purchase.