2020 Week 1  January 5 WRITING… “So, writing.  What a bitch.  I suppose being any kind of artist is hard at times, most times…”                                                                            ___Anne Lamott, Almost Everything, Chapter 6 I hate to write, but...

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Day Twenty-Five – Puppy Meditation Wake Up!

My DogDaysOfSummer challenge is one quarter accomplished and the ship is still set at full steam ahead.  The DDOS are indeed getting warmer, a lunar eclipse is in process this week causing all kinds of interesting situations, and I am happy to have made 25 dog (and...

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Happy Solstice and the Dog Days of Summer

Today marks the longest day of the year, the beginning of Summer 2019 in the Northern Hemisphere.  In many cultures the warmth and light is cause for celebration after the dark cold winter.  It is a great time to celebrate! On the other hand…already San Antonio is...

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Spring Equinox Soiree

So, What Happened at the Soiree??? Third in a series of quarterly gatherings based on being together. It didn’t rain, yay!  I figured out too late that when you put an event on FB, you have to “invite” people.  I laugh at myself.  Is there, please, a...

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Sew! Adventure!

 Pictured is a section of a small improvisational quilt I made recently from T-shirt scraps. Tomorrow I set out on a 2 week adventure to design and sew. Look out Ohio! I’m heading for the Crow Barn for 2 weeks of workshops of Improvisational Design Exercises for...

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Every quilt a story. Every stitch a prayer.

  Quilt making as a spiritual practice.  Making for others.  Giving of time and talent. Gratitude. When I start a t-shirt quilt, I get to touch all the shirts and lay them out and cut them up.  I get to know the person who wore them.  It’s like the person is...

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